Why Do Guys Get Pimples

Guys Get Pimples

Did you think that only girls have this problem of pimples? No, it is not solely with girls but boys get pimples too. In fact, males get more pimples for which various factors are responsible. While hormonal and stress factors could lead to an outbreak, there are some environmental factors that also contribute to a male getting pimples.

Poor Skin Care

Irresponsible skin care habits in men can cause the occurrence of pimples. Such poor habits could include keeping unclean face and hair, using oily cleansing products and greasy body lotions on face, and picking or scrubbing face pimples. All such habits should be immediately done away with. Else, these could lead to the clogging of pores, causing pimples in return.

Hormonal Changes

When boys reach the age of puberty, they usually experience different types of changes in their bodies. One of these changes could be the excessive production of oil. If it happens, pimples could be the result. Stress experienced at this age may further add to this pimple problem.

Greasy Practices

While your oily meal might not cause you pimples, your habit of not washing your hands after a meal could do. Many people avoid washing their greasy hands that keep coming in contact with their faces. This leads to oil deposits on the skin of the face and also clogs your pores. Boys also remain constantly involved with their cell phones and headphones. Such things should mostly be kept away from one’s face in order to avoid getting pimples.

Other Factors

The usage of some steroids can also cause pimples in men. Additionally, pimples get aggravated due to an overexposure to heat and wearing tight clothes. Pimple outbreak happens because of extra sweating and both these factors lead to more sweat. Thus, taking certain precautions with one’s sensitive skin can help in reducing the problem of pimples in men.