Why Do Dogs Need Protein

dog Protein

As protein is an important component of your diet, it is the same for dogs. Dogs also need a balanced diet involving various components. Protein is probably the most important component that is required for the survival of dogs.

Proper Structural Development

Puppies need the right dose of protein in order to develop properly. Some people believe that extra protein could damage the kidneys of their dogs, while it has been proved to be a myth. You should give them easily digestible proteins so they only receive the benefits of proteins. Since dogs are omnivorous, they can easily be fed both plant- and animal-based proteins. You can feed protein-rich diet to your dog after considering his/her age, metabolism and activity level.

Hormone Production

Protein also plays an important role when it comes to the secretion of hormones in dogs. Right hormonal levels can be maintained by giving the right amount of protein to dogs.

Building and Development of Tender Body Parts

Protein is also essential for dogs, as it supplies amino acids to their bodies. This is needed for the building of skin, cartilage, ligaments, hair, nails, tendons and muscles of dogs. Thus, you should necessarily include protein in your pup’s diet.

Development of Immunity

For the development of immunity system in dogs, it is again important to give them protein in their diet. It offers protection against many common diseases in dogs.

Gaining Amino Acids

While there are more than 10 essential amino acids that the body of a dog can produce, there are over 20 amino acids that dogs need to receive from external sources. These amino acids protect dogs from several health problems. Thus, it is important that their diets include protein that supplies required amino acids to their bodies.

The right amount of dietary protein will always keep your dog healthy and active.