Why do guys like breasts like crazy


Every mature male must have gone through this. When you are talking to a girl, somehow uncontrollably your eyes drift some degrees down and you tend to enjoy the subtle view of fantastic boobs hidden under the crooked clothes. How often you have fantasized about playing with the breasts. It seems like heaven.

Although the reason for your liking of breasts is best to be answered by nature but the fact is that we like each and every part of the breasts. The curvaceous shape they are based upon, the tender and soft touch they present and the gorgeous nipple that is present at the center, all of which add up to the attraction of boobs.

If we say that your liking of breasts is based upon nature’s way of evolution of mankind then we won’t be wrong. They are fantastic objects of sexual desire and caressing them not only brings sexual arousal in males but it also adds up to the females’ sexual desires. Definitely this part of female’s body is worth watching, enjoying and playing with.

Although every inch of woman’s body is worth playing around during sexual encounters, the breasts play the most important role. Touching and caressing them not only enhances man’s sexual pleasure but for woman also it’s equally provoking. Mere view of this gorgeous pair of body fat can make your day.

One point that needs to be noted is that apart from humans, no other animal’s breast has sexual arousal capabilities. Although for animals they do serve the purpose of feeding young ones but they are not the part of animal’s evolution and sexual interactions. So if nature has gifted us with such a beautiful gift, there must be some purpose and hence we can’t deny the fact that all the men love them and are crazy about them.