Why do girls have to be so mean

Why do girls have to be so mean

The girls have reasons to be mean.  After all they are most after sought and every body wants their company. They have always been pampered and boys are told to give them respect and diligence.

Sometimes they are also grossly misunderstood. There are some body functions that only girls have to go through and boys never bother about them. Take example of periods, which a lady has to go through every month. Various studies have established that periods or menstrual cycle are associated with cramps and pains due to which the girl becomes depressive. If you contact or try to communicate with the girl during this phase then you may definitely find her annoying.

Other reason for girl being mean is attention. Consider the example of a pretty girl in your college or school and you can always see that she is most sought after. Every other guy wants to communicate with her and want to enjoy her company. If you think from an individual point of view then it’s difficult to handle this much attention. She cannot be friends with all the people vying to do friendship with her so she can be rude to some people and yes for those people she will definitely be mean.

Being mean is also one way to ward of people and stay lonely if the girl wants to be. Consider yourself surrounded with so many people and you want to stay lonely for some time. What will you do in such circumstances? Definitely you have right to your privacy and no body should be allowed to interfere with your solitude. So being mean is a kind of weapon that they use to protect themselves.

So the next time when you find a girl being mean to you, don’t get disheartened since it’s quite possible that she may be going through those days and she may want to stay alone.