Why do houses need rain gutters

Why do houses need rain gutters

Gutter, also known as rain gutter, eavestrough, eaves channel or guttering, is a necessary component of a roof system, which collects and diverts rainwater shed by the roof. A rain gutter helps channeling water away from a building’s foundation to prevent any damages to its base. Further, it helps in preventing leaks in basements, reducing erosion, protecting stained or painted surfaces by minimizing exposure to water and direct rain, and promoting rainwater harvesting.

Installed along roof edges on a home or building, rain gutters serve a number of functions like:

1. Rain gutters play a major role in reducing the risk of flooding of home basements, primarily due to incessant, heavy downpours. Since gutters never allow the rainwater to drip and run off onto the foundation or the ground, they create a safe passage for excess rainwater.

2. Further, carefully installed rain gutters lead rainwater onto paved surfaces or stable lawn areas. Thus, it can help reduce erosion of topsoil of lawns and decrease flood like situations.

3. Shoreline properties are more susceptible to damage by erosion if we compare it to homes and buildings elsewhere. As per the University of Minnesota’s recommendations, gutters serve as effective erosion prevention measures as they drive runoff away from the shoreline.

4. Rain gutters protect your walls against weathering from ice wedging and rotting as well. As most homes don’t have or have insufficient overhangs, gutters ensure that water doesn’t drip down the walls and cause any harm to them.

5. Last but not least, installation of gutters helps homeowners save bucks ultimately. Since gutters help homes avoid flooding and other damages, it totes up to an average $7,800 worth of savings in the long run. While ensuring no need for landscaping repairs, no soil erosion, no weathering, no rot and no damage to a home’s foundation, installing rain gutters is more of a financial decision rather than merely being a preventive measure.