Why do people date


It’s been human nature to get involved with the opposite sex. It’s, we know, all but natural that you fall for someone but you would surely not love to go ahead until you know him/her. So, in a modern society people date to know each other and more precisely to find if they are compatible with each other to be in a relationship. However, dating isn’t just about to be on one page to start a relationship but also can be for various other reasons like they aren’t ready to commit to one person, narcissism, sexual compulsion, a need for validation or for that matter, some people aren’t even sure as to what they’re looking for. In a nut shell, dating is like test driving a car. You may find Mercedes Benz appealing, but when you test drive it you may find that a Mini cooper or a Honda Accord suits you better. Following are a couple of reasons that would define different mindsets to date.

To look for a new partner

One of the foremost reasons for dating is human nature to have partner. Divorcees as well as unmarried single men and women date to find out a partner for them. People sometimes date a partner multiple times to know if they are at on the same page to be in a relationship for a long time.

Just liking

The reason for two adults dating for a long time might not be marriage or finding a partner all the time. It might also be just a like for each other.

Desire for multiple partners

It’s not that only single men and women date. Even married people date. The reason being, it’s human tendency, as per the field of evolutionary psychology, to have multiple partners. This is more applicable to men as a search around the world has shown that men have a greater desire for sexual variety in course of their lives than women.

Sexual motive

Some people date even when the motive isn’t to enter into a prolonged relationship or a marriage. There are people who are on date just to gratify their sexual desire without a commitment whatsoever to take the relationship to next, logical level. The motive for a date here is a guilt free, more precisely a reasonably guilt free sex, leaving behind the actual motive of a date which is to find a partner for you to spend your rest of life with.