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Why do I get palpitations while lying down

Why do I get palpitations while lying down

Heart palpitations can be unnerving, especially during sleep. People get heart palpitations both during day and night. Some people complain of heart palpitations when they lie down. When you heart beats super fast and you feel as if your heart has suddenly come up to your throat you may note it down as heart palpitation.  If you notice that this phenomenon is occurring frequently and lasting for more than a minute then you should consult a doctor. Palpitation of the heart can be caused by a heart disease and may be the signal your heart is sending, demanding immediate attention.

One of the serious reasons for heart palpitation can be excess consumption of products which contains caffeine. If you are someone who is suffering from the palpitations then you should check out if unwittingly you are consuming more caffeine than you should. Tea, coffee and chocolates contain high amounts of caffeine. Some diet control pills also contain caffeine. If you are used to diet control pills then you should make sure that they do not contain caffeine.

Menopause in women is responsible for severe hormonal changes. The hormonal changes can make women feel uneasy during sleep and also make their heart flutter. Hormonal treatment can help in reducing such menopausal side effects. There are many drugs which affect our heart adversely and make it skip some beats. Check with your doctor if the medicines you are using can be the cause of heart palpitation. Stress is a part of our lives and it is not good for our health. Work pressure and worry is one of the biggest reasons that you may have to face heart flutter or palpitation when you are lying horizontally or sleeping. If you are not eating enough potassium and iron enriched food then you may feel the palpitation of heart.

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