Why do internet polls favor republicans

John Boehner, Lynn Jenkins, Eric Cantor, Virginia Foxx, James Lankford

Internet is the most dominant phenomenon of the recent times and it’s just spreading all over the world like anything. Millions of people are online 24/7. The growing rate of internet services is not only affecting the economy of any nation but also affecting politics and political opinions. US is no exception.

However, why do you think Internet polls favor republicans? Well the answer is right here. One cardinal reason is republicans actively participate in online surveys and their number is far greater than the democrats.

With so many people online every day, you can find a modest growth in the number of people using internet to get the campaign news. Those who generally go online to catch up on the largest political news includes about 50 percent of Republicans and 46 percent of them prefer online polls. On the other hand, only 28 percent Democrats participate in the online political surveys. The statistical report is by the Pew Research Center for the people and Press.

Half of those who said they were interested and like to take the online polls were republicans while only one in five was a democrat while four were independent. With the high number of republicans going online, it is quite normal to get more online votes than the Democrats who have little number of people going for online surveys. This tilt will surely make up those online survey respondents towards the republicans. This is one strong reason why internet polls are intended towards republicans.

The more you remain active on internet, the more attention you will gather from the people online. It is considered that Democrats have to take care of their families while republicans live off their trust funds and tax giveaway. This is why internet polls favor republicans and you can watch the consistency on places like vote.com, Netscape.net, AOL and every other place which polls on political issues.