Why do Internet trolls exist

Why do internet trolls exist

Internet trolls are some abusive users who use harmful and obnoxious arguments to promote disharmony in online communities. Internet trolls are named after a hideous creature from children’s tale and its sole purpose is to stir up arguments by using negative comments and abuses. They do it on purpose for sowing hatred, racism and bigotry between audiences. They normally target vast number of audiences in blog sites, news sites, discussion forums and in game chat rooms. They generally look for an open public discussion.

But on the light end, troll can be one of your friends who like insulting and makes jokes about other people online. But sometimes trolls can be very cruel and create hate and discord in online communities. But why do you think such people exist on internet? Let’s find out!

Several online communities dictate that people are inherently good, but as a mob they become rebellious and ultimately insulting. Therefore, mob behavior is responsible for trolls.

Moreover, when people are anonymous, they do a number of things they wouldn’t do otherwise. When a conversation is not exciting, they fire it up by making a negative or abusive comment and immediately draw them out of the conversation.  And that makes other people more rebellious and wrapped up in narcissism.

They exist only to agitate you and can be quite annoying or funny, depending whether the insult is on you or others.  Now they are everywhere, just lurking around and waiting for an opportunity to make a discussion dirty with their comments.  They force other people to lose their composure and get angry.

Internet trolls’ easy target are people with very less internet experience. If you are thinking why people enjoy being trolls, then it’s kind of power rush to be a troll. But mostly, people with ego problems or pent up frustration use trolls.