Why do kids feel dizzy

Why do kids feel dizzy

Kids can feel dizzy for a number of reasons. Sometimes, dizziness is temporary caused by rides in amusement parks, not drinking enough fluids during hot days and allergies. These reasons are not any cause of concern but if your child complaints of persistent dizziness then consulting your pediatrician is very important.

Some children feel dizzy when they suffer from motion sickness. Such children begin to feel dizzy as soon as they sit in a car or boat or bus or any moving vehicle.

Ailments like ear infection, viral infection, and nervous system disorders can also cause dizziness among children. If you find your child suffering from these ailments then quickly rush them to the doctor for timely treatment. Children who are diabetic may feel dizzy when the blood sugar levels take a dip. Make sure your child eats at regular intervals and always carries some candies when he steps out. On the other hand, low blood pressure can also cause dizziness among children. Though low blood pressure is not common among children but sometimes due to prolonged illness or weakness they can experience low blood pressure and dizziness.

If the child suffers from head injury then also dizziness can occur among children. Migraine can also cause dizziness among children and anemia and anorexia nervosa can also be the culprit behind dizziness.

Another chronic cause among children can be Meniere’s disease. This is a disorder of inner ear and since our ears are also responsible for balancing act of our bodies, this disorder can perpetuate dizziness among children.

If your child suffers from a condition when he misses a heartbeat then it can also cause dizziness. Though not common but it can be the cause of dizziness in some rare cases.