Why do married men have affairs


There are people who have affairs before marriage, and then there are people – men or women – who go on with extramarital affairs, sometimes more than one. They say this tendency is more in men than women. While the debate on as to who does it more is subjective and can vary as per the society, we aren’t going to focus on it here. Rather, we are to discuss this tendency in married males. So the question arises why married men have affairs. There are scores of answers, find the best one (pun intended) that suites you.

  • It might happen that the men aren’t happy with what they have got. May be, they are bored sexually in a marriage and therefore are always after a prettier, more aggressive (sexually) and slimmer women who can satisfy them in a way their wives don’t.
  • Also men can look for relation outside the marriage because they, perhaps, don’t get the right attention at home – something that they crave for desperately .
  • More sex is one of the foremost reasons. If there is little or no sexual gratification in the married life, men might look for the same outside. Some of them might be interested in having more partners to have sexual variety for different sexual experiences.
  • Some men can look for more spiritual and intellectual partners that they didn’t find in their wives. Hence they search outside their homes for a simple reason that they have, by chance, got married to wrong partners.
  • Opportunistic sex is another reason for men to have extramarital affairs. If men, married or unmarried, get an opportunity of sex with a blonde, they can’t afford to miss or pass it up in anyway.
  • Sexual addiction is one of the strongest reasons for extramarital affairs. Such men couldn’t be happy ever with one partner because they are addicted and perhaps, want sex many times a day which one partner understandably couldn’t always say yes to . Hence they look outside for more and more of it.
  • Another reason for the infidelity in men is their peer group who stray for any of the aforementioned reasons to make the otherwise honest friend take straying as normal and legitimizes it as a possibility.
  • Sometimes, rather on many occasions, wife is fully dependent on husband. The husband takes her for granted and believes that she won’t leave him because of kids and financial instability that she might face after such a decision. As a result he cheats her even when he loves her dearly. That is sad to know but this one of the solid reasons for why they do it .
  • Some married men cheat because they couldn’t help it. It’s in their nature and all they can do is to pray and practice self control.