Why Do Men Go Bald

Men Go Bald

Looking at so many bald men around you, have you been thinking why it is majorly men that go bald? Then, you should check out some of the following reasons of their losing hair in patches.

Genetics and hormones

There are genetic reasons behind many men losing their hair even at a younger age. There are higher chances of them going bald if men from their previous generations have also been bald. Another connected factor is the level of enzymes in men’s bodies that are passed on to them through their genes. This enzyme converts the male hormone called testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which reduces hair growth and makes hair thinner over a period of time.


This is another significant reason why men go bald and they can surely do something to mend this factor. Stress is everyday life is quite harmful for men’s bodies, as well as hair. If they want to retain a good hair growth, they should avoid taking stress at home and at their jobs.

Bad diet and habits

There are many men who are involved in regular habits of drug or alcohol consumption. Some men also have poor dietary habits since their childhood. All these habits contribute heavily to baldness in men.

Chemicals in the body

Some chemicals in men’s bodies are also responsible for hair loss and baldness. These chemicals include peroxide, which is present in one’s scalp naturally. Although both men and women have peroxide in their scalps, it is present in a significant amount in men. Peroxide leads to discoloring or graying of hair, while further killing the roots of hair. This causes hair to get weaker and later to fall off. Hair fall from some specific scalp areas leads to baldness on those patches.

Thus, it may be a combined effect of various factors that leads to baldness in men.