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Why do men withdraw

Why do men withdraw

Relationships are complicated and delicate. They need to be handled with care because if something goes wrong then making it right can be really difficult. Women often complain that their male partner has distanced himself from them or they have withdrawn themselves. For a woman, many a time, it is almost impossible to figure out why a guy is acting in a certain manner.

The first reason why men withdraw is that they have lost attraction for you. It is hard to accept but definitely the truth. Guys love being around the girl they adore and love. They do not hesitate devoting their time and resources on a girl they want to have in their lives but when they lose attraction or fall out of love they withdraw themselves.

Another big reason why they withdraw is that they are afraid of commitment. May be the speed of things and the way they are evolving into something serious has suddenly overwhelmed him and he needs to lower the pace. If a guy feels that he is losing control over his own life then he might just back off. It is scary for every individual and if you have been nagging him before then you must change your attitude to get him back.

Men need to feel like men and you have to help them. Over criticism and neediness are both very unattractive and can drive your man crazy but in a negative way. Boredom and stagnation in a relationship is also a bad thing and guys are not able to tackle it. You have to work hard on your relationship and keep it fresh and alive. Boredom can make both men and women have second thoughts about a perfectly nice relationship. A little nurturing and playfulness can keep your man closer to you for a very long time.

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