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Why do men like fat women

Why do men like fat women

Not all men like skinny women, some fall for the overweight lady as well. These guys are referred to as the fat admirers or the FAs. They like their wives or girlfriends to be fat, plump or even obese. Research is being done and surveys are being conducted to find out this phenomenon. Attraction is a strange phenomenon.

The reasons why one individual feels drawn towards another cannot be determined easily and even till date scientists are puzzled by love and attraction. Apparently there is nothing wrong in loving a woman who is a bit overweight. But if the sole reason why a man fell for his wife/ girlfriend is because she is fat then it might be a matter of concern.

Basically the fat admirers have a fetish for fatty women. It has been observed that they also like super skinny girls. This contradiction in choice is quite bizarre. Apart from the weird fantasies that fat admirers have many regular men also end up marrying overweight women they love. The frank truth is that weight is not a factor that determines if you will be loved or not. There are many girls who are in a successful relationship with their partner despite of being fat. What men look for is not how fat a girl is but how she carries herself.

Even skinny women can look tacky if they don’t know how to dress or how to behave. A girl who knows how to carry herself and has a good attitude will easily win the hearts of men. Being skinny to get a man is an over-hyped concept which has been marketed for the benefit of slimming powders and the gym industry. Fat women can look attractive to men because they seem real and look curvy.

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