Why Do Old People Hate the Internet

People Hate the Internet

It has been often opinionated that many old people do not like using the Internet. However, various professional surveys and studies have proved that old people really hate the Web. Although there could be several personal reasons behind it, but here are some common reasons why they become disinterested in the use of Internet.

 Facing difficulty with technology

About half of the old population hating the Internet suggests that it is difficult to get a hang of ever-emerging technology. A majority of such people require help from others when they need to search for anything online. They suggest that it is the general difficulty with technology that makes them stay away from the Web world.

Internet being diluting and isolating

While Internet may be a medium of social interaction for young people, many old individuals feel isolated on Internet, as they feel that online interactions are only virtual and diluting for a healthy human being. Social isolation matters a lot for older people and they feel more isolated on the Internet, as they are reminded of their friendship losses throughout their lifetime.

Internet encouraging weak social ties

Old people also have another thought about the world of Web creating weak social connections. They feel that online ties among individuals are weak in nature, as these lack intimacy. In addition, older people have certain age-oriented emotional requirements that cannot be met through virtual relationships.

Aging matters

If you are young and think that older people should go your way, it might not happen. The needs and priorities of people change with age. What you may seek out of a virtual connection may seem to be worthless to your grandfather or grandmother. Sometimes, people also lose certain interests and enthusiasm with age and that could lead them to turn away from things they liked in their past.