Why Do Some People Hold Their Partner’s Hands In Public

Hold Hands

Holding hands in a crowd is a form of public display of affection or PDA. There are many people who hold their partner’s hands in public and give various reasons to do so. Check out what they say when they hold hands.

Being romantic

Most of the people who hold their partner’s hands in public say that it feels more romantic to do it in public. In various societies, holding hands is found to be acceptable for romantic couples, while some other forms of PDA might not be that acceptable.

Displaying a connection

According to some studies, holding hands is all about making a stronger connection with a partner. It helps in establishing certain closeness with the other person. You also feel strongly for a person who holds your hand in public.

Making a partner feel secure

Some people are also of an opinion that holding a partner’s hands in public helps their partner feel more secure. While it could be a valid reason, but it also depends on your partner, whether they need to feel secure or they are just okay like that. The reason might not be true for both partners while one of them initiates to hold hands of the other.

Showing ownership or domination

Several researches done on PDA indicate that the insecurity of one partner might lead them to hold their partner’s hands in public. This could be an insecurity related to possession or a form of domination. Some body language experts suggest that a person might be clinging on to their partner, as they want to display their ownership in front of others. However, in cases where an independent individual does not like this kind of PDA by their partner, holding hands could also symbolize domination. It is like holding hands of a partner in order to lead them.