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Why do people abuse animals

Why do people abuse animals

Cruelty to animals is shameful and sometimes even horrific. There are many reasons why animals get abused by humans. Animal lovers around the world are trying to reduce the cruel acts practiced on innocent animals. Many people abuse animals for profit and amusement. In the circus or entertainment parks animals are used to attract visitors. The practice of hunting for amusement also bears evidence how humans used animals for their getting thrill and excitement. What we don’t realize is that animals are a major part of the world ecosystem and if they are executed thoughtlessly then the balance in nature will be severely disrupted.

People many a times hurt animals without any real intention of doing so, by their ignorance or negligence. Keeping your pets locked in hot places or not giving them proper meals are forms of cruelty that generally stem from negligence. A pet is like a child and requires proper care and attention. One should get pets only if they are sure that they can take good care of them. Some people are deliberately cruel with animals. Sometimes they try to show off their control over their pets and at other times they just use the animals to vent their frustration and anger. Pets cannot protest or save themselves. Taking the advantage of their helplessness some people torture the animals to get some vulgar joy out of the scenario.

People who torture animals suffer from psychological illness and possess criminal intent. Lack of control on their own lives makes them abusive. Animals are abused in many different ways. They are used for meat, milk and sometimes they are forced to breed for the profit of their caretaker. Lack of proper medical assistance and vaccination also amounts to abuse as they are not capable of taking care of themselves.


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