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Why do people adopt

Why do people adopt

Adoption has become quite popular globally. Adoption is a noble way of giving a home to a child and making him/her a part of your life. There are many reasons why people turn to adoption. Some couples cannot have children of their own due to health issues. If one of the partners suffers from infertility or if their procreative organs do not function normally there is a high chance they won’t be able have their own baby. Adopting one or more children help them find new meaning of life and live more happily. Children are a source of immense joy and without them our existence does not mean much.

Couple also adopt when they have two or more kids belonging to the same gender group. For example couples who have two sons are very likely to adopt a daughter. Couples who believe in doing well and who are involved with charitable work out of humanitarian feeling also adopt children to give them a good home and upbringing. The couples who have only one child also adopt so that their kid can have a companion and learn to share more. Some women lose their ability of giving birth due to major operation after their first child has been born and they prefer to adopt.

With change in lifestyle and increasing number of people who prefer to stay single and unmarried, people are adopting more. Single parents adopt children both out of love and to dispel loneliness. Sometimes people adopt because they knew the parents of the kid and they want to take care of the kids after their demise. People who have been too busy in their work or had to travel a lot prefer to adopt in an advanced or matured age. If one or both partners suffer from incurable diseases like AIDS or thalassemia also adopt so that their progeny do not suffer from the same incurable disease as them.


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