Why do people abuse children

Why do people abuse children

Not even a single day goes by without a headline screaming out of tabloids of an individual who physically or emotionally abused a child. It makes us think whether these people are even human to subject a child to such torture. What were they actually thinking when they committed the heinous crime? How could they just walk away from the incident as if nothing happened in the first place?

Child abuse has been a major concern for many years now, with doctors and researchers trying to find out distinctive behavioral patterns that would identify a potential abuser and help decipher his/her reasons for abusing a child. Accordingly, some of the more common reasons as to why people abuse children include:

Unwanted responsibility

It is really surprising to note that certain parents abuse their children repeatedly in spite of loving them dearly. The reason for this is unwanted responsibility wherein the responsibility of raising a child actually becomes a burden that is too heavy for them to bear. Parents who are less patient and less mature in handling children usually resort to abusing as a form of punishment to correct the behavior of children. Most of the times, the abuse would lead to a deep physical or psychological impact on the child.

Improper role models

People who grew up in abusive households tend to be abusive outside as well. A kid who grows up in a house where the members constantly abuse each other physically or emotionally would most probably carry these traits forward and become abusive as an adult. It is also important to note that kids who correct their parents abusive behavior in the event they didn’t actually make a mistake are less prone to become abusive as adults than kids who took their parents behavior in their stride, thinking it to be the correct form of punishment for their actions.

Social isolation

Studies have revealed the individuals who are socially isolated tend to be more abusive towards children. These social outcasts tend to remain alone at all times of the day and have few or no friends or relatives to interact with.

Most cases of child abuse stemming from social isolation are due to the stress buildup inside the individuals’ head owing to the condition. These individuals usually tend to refrain from getting support for their abusive behavior as well.