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Why do we read

Why do we read

Reading is something that should not need reason. People, who love to read, do it for pleasure. Other people who need some incentive for reading books, newspapers, or any other printed information may like to know the benefits of reading. The most important reason for reading is definitely knowledge. People read for becoming more knowledgeable. Every day we read different stuff like fiction, non-fiction, magazines, and news papers. With time constraints and work pressure many people have turned to online reading. They prefer reading blogs and articles online and also contribute as best as they can. Reading increases our mental ability and makes our mind more receptive to new ideas.

Knowledge is power and this power comes within our reach through reading. Our opinions are sharpened by reading. Whenever we take part in a debate or need to express our opinion we can substantiate our opinion with examples because we read. Reading is a habit that makes you a good conversationalist. The gift of gab is not just inherited but it also has to be nurtured through reading different stuff. A well-read person is more attractive because their IQ levels are high and they can discuss different matters with poise and élan.

Reading helps us understand the cause and effects that shape our lives and develops our reasoning capabilities. A person who is not well read can become superstitious because they cannot fathom the causes of certain outcomes. Reading also helps in making a person more self-confident. Confidence comes from knowledge of the outer world and the inner-self. Reading can provide us with a great understanding of both. Apart from all the benefits of reading we cannot ignore the sheer joy that it gives us. Reading opens new worlds for us and is a harmless entertainment that everybody should indulge in regularly.

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