Why do people abuse


There is no single, logical answer to this otherwise simple question. The reason may vary person to person, depending on their background, the kind of relationship they are in, seeing others abused or for that matter, by choice. The answer isn’t as simple as you might consider for why people opt for this seemingly irrational thing. However, abusing is a normal condition of life for such people and plays a pivotal role in their day to day lives. So we’re analyzing some of the reasons for why people abuse in the following lines.

The early background of the person might be one of the reasons for him/her to abuse. Some abusers learn abusing if their parents abuse each other or their siblings. On the other hand, if the abusers have received abuses in their childhood or have seen others abuse, it is highly likely that they imbibe it and can continue doing the same for the rest of their lives.

The abusive behavior may also be the result of some health disorders. Some of the people with anger management issues, diagnosis of irregular explosive disorder, drinking habits and drug problems can get easily out of control during arguments and start hurting the partners or dependents verbally and physically. Also, one might be an abuser due to lack of empathy. This might happen if the person concerned was abused being a child or due to some sort of brain damage that didn’t allow their empathic abilities to grow up properly. Such people aren’t able to relate them with the other people and just treat them as objects for their convenience, without considering they have independent or important lives. However, it’s worth noticing that such people are psychologically and possibly, mentally ill.

People with antisocial or narcissist personality is another category of abusers. Such people abuse for the benefits they might reap from this otherwise shameful behavior. These types of people start abusing even for meager financial benefits, sexual gratification or with allure of power over other people.

Last but not the least is a category of people who are abusers by choice. There is no reason why such people abuse. They do it, only because they do it. They don’t have mental and psychological disorders or an abusive childhood. Imitation seems only the possible reason that later on leads them to some mental satisfaction by delivering some abusive words.