Why Do People Always Remain in Pursuit of Happiness

Ask yourself whether you always want to stay in a stressed mode and do not want to avoid your sadness. It is a bet that your heart will never say yes to it, as it constantly seeks happiness in life. However, you are not alone in wishing happiness for yourself. Every individual remains in pursuit of it. Do you know the reasons why people want a happy lifestyle instead of staying under pressures and the flow of negative emotions? Let us tell you more on it.

Happiness is basically a natural instinct that every human follows. It is similar to the way you want a wound to heal and avoid giving you physical pain. It is not only a part of your nature, but is also your basic necessity after your survival needs are met. When you get some pleasures in life that give you happiness, you start feeling satisfied. While some people may find pleasure when they earn more money, some others may get it on maintaining a healthy relationship with their friends. Pleasure and happiness may have different meanings for different individuals.

At times, some people set such targets of happiness for themselves that are out of their control. When they cannot achieve those targets, they start seeking a state of happiness. For example, a person may have set a goal of being promoted to the next position. This would give him at least 50 percent of the happiness he may have been seeking from his job. However, it may not be in his hands to achieve this goal. Now if his goal is not met, he may not receive the share of happiness he has decided on.

Thus, it is better not to relate your happiness to uncontrollable factors. Else, you will simply keep on pursing happiness in life. Happiness is even hidden in the tiniest moments you share with your family regularly. The need is to get out of the concept of relative happiness and enjoy what comes. It will help you find happiness more easily.