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Why Do You Need to Eat More Tomatoes

Why Do You Need to Eat More Tomatoes

While tomatoes are colorful and juicy, these are also delicious and healthy. If you had not been eating too many tomatoes in your diet, then here are some reasons why you should start doing it now. Tomatoes can really do wonders to your health and fitness.

  • Great source of lycopene: Lycopene has some wonderful properties of protecting your immune cells and tomatoes are rich in lycopene. By consuming processed tomatoes regularly in your diet, you may save your immune cells from free radicals that are quite harmful. It can further protect your DNA and keep you away from different types of cancer.
  • Skin, hair and eye care: Tomatoes are wonderful for cleansing your skin. Since they contain useful lycopene, they indirectly nourish your skin and make it shine. Your hair can also become strong and shiny, as tomatoes contain vitamin A required for good hair care. Vitamin A further helps your eyes when it protects them from night blindness and vision problems.
  • Protection from heart diseases: Being rich in vitamin C, tomatoes keep you away from several heart diseases. With the presence of salicylates, they also act against blood clots. Thus, eating tomatoes and especially plum tomatoes is healthy for your heart.
  • Bone strengthening: Calcium and vitamin K are essential for strengthening bones, as well as for performing minor bone and tissue repairs. Tomatoes are rich in both these nutrients that can make your bones stronger and prevent you from the osteoarthritis of hands and knees.
  • Cholesterol reduction: Since tomatoes have vitamin B and potassium, these support the lowering of cholesterol levels in the body. While it is not the only way to weight control, it can definitely help those people who have high blood pressure.
  • Kidney health maintenance: Finally, tomatoes are also found to be effective for those individuals who have kidney stones. Eating seedless tomatoes can reduce the risk for kidney stones.

Thus, tomatoes are boosters for your overall health management.

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