Why do people avoid advertising on the internet

Why do people avoid advertising on the internet

If you Google the words “advertising on the internet”, you are likely to be bombarded with a multi-thousand search result all of which apparently points at how popular advertising online is. However, anyone with real experience of advertising on the internet is likely to tell you that the idea isn’t as good as all those websites articles claim it to be and a majority of business owners are in fact turning away from internet advertising for good. We investigate what is prompting people to avoid advertising on the internet.

Prior negative experience

A business owner who has had a bad experience with advertising on the internet is more likely to avoid it in the future as well. Despite the pervasiveness of social media and the internet in the business world, many people aren’t too comfortable using online ads to promote their goods and services. In fact, anyone who has tried their hand at online advertising in the earlier years of the internet or even 3-5 years ago is likely to not recommend internet advertising too highly.

Buyers usually know what they want to buy

Another big reason why businesses don’t want to spend too much on internet advertising is because buyers who log onto the internet for shopping often know exactly what they need to buy. A single Google search can tell them more about a product that an ad that a manufacturer has paid for would. For companies, it doesn’t make any sense pay for advertising when buyers have all the information on the internet available to them when they log on.

Ads aren’t fixed to a page

Buying an ad space on a webpage costs a lot more money than it does when you pay Google or a social media platform to randomly place you ad. However, unless you buy a pre-assigned space on a webpage, you have no control over where your ad might be placed. Moreover, social media platforms like Facebook allow users to control what ads they see which makes paying for internet ads a bad idea.