Why do people become addicted to the internet

Why do people become addicted to the internet

The internet is a very real part of human existence at the moment. And while it has enriched human civilization by making all of human knowledge available to everyone, it has also led to the development of internet addiction. People become addicted to the internet for a variety of reasons and we investigate the major causes of this insane dependence.

It feels the same as substance addiction

According to a study conducted by Chinese scientists, internet addiction stimulates the same areas in the brain that addiction to alcohol or other substances does. This means that anyone who has an innate tendency to become addicted to a substance is more likely to become addicted to the internet as well.

Problem with impulse control

An inability to control impulsive action is a major reason behind most addictions and internet addiction is no different. Usually the problem comes bundled with Internet addiction disorder (IAD) which includes a larger number of symptoms.

Emotional problems

A user who is unhappy with his life or is troubled by an emotional issue is more likely to develop internet addiction than someone who is generally happy. Someone with emotional problems would like to keep their brain engaged in some form of activity rather than face their problem or dwell on it. This leads to internet addiction since it is the most easily accessible and extensive “hobby” one can find.

Inability to adjust socially

A person who doesn’t have a reasonable social circle or finds it hard to socialize is also more likely to develop internet addiction than others. A person who socializes more often is less likely to find internet as appealing as someone who doesn’t have the luxury of getting enough human interaction.