Why do people become suicidal

Why do people become suicidal

Losing someone to suicide is quite painful. The feeling of guilt, anger, and helplessness looms large over the hearts and heads of people who lose their near and dear ones due to suicide. Now the question arises why do so many people commit suicide?

By and large, the people who commit suicide or who harbor suicidal thoughts goes through intense physical, emotional or mental pain and do not have any hope of getting through it. Some people get so depressed with their lives and its events that they want to finish their lives. Often depression is associated with suicidal tendencies.

Some people try to commit suicide because they are psychotic by nature. They experience extreme mood swings, wherein at one moment they feel extremely happy and at the very next moment they begin to feel quite sad and depressed and want to end their life out of the whim.  Such people often commit suicide without any rationale.

While some people get impulsive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and want to end their life for no concrete reason. Any small stressful condition can trigger them to commit suicide. Once they get back to their senses, these people feel ashamed of their act but under the influence of narcotics tend to think about suicide repetitively.

Some people experience such inhumane conditions that they begin to think that suicide will bring all their agonies to end and will also bring people’s attention to their problems. Girls who have faced sexual abuse or social humiliation, students who have failed prestigious examinations despite high hopes of success are some such examples. Some people want to commit suicide as repentance for their wrongdoings.

Whatever be the reason, the need is to educate people that suicide is not a solution of their problems. Facing the problems and getting through them is the right way for brave people to lead life with dignity.