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Why do people believe in Bigfoot

Why do people believe in Bigfoot

Bigfoot is a type of huge primate that looks similar to the yeti. It has never been caught, hunted or its body has not been found but still people believe in the existence of Bigfoot. There are many theories regarding what the Bigfoot is exactly. The popular most among the different theories is that Bigfoot is a type of ape that is also very intelligent and knows how to elude humans. When people want to believe in something they explain the most improbable occurrence in the most plausible manner. The first reason why over so many years without any scientific evidence people still believe in the existence of this ape-man is that many people have claimed that they have seen the Bigfoot and such news keep on spreading.

As to why they have never been captured or hunted the causes sited are that the hunting seasons are very short and hunters are not allowed to hunt as they please. Another theory claims that Bigfoot is an alien. According to this theory it came to the earth via spaceship from another planet. Some people are staunch believers of this theory and believe that Bigfoot is here on either some sort of mission or it was a child when it came but now it has grown too big yet cannot come out in the open.

Bigfoot resides in the north-western region of North America. The “shapeshifter” theory is another reason why people still buy the Bigfoot stories. People have reported that they have seen the Bigfoot turn itself into a rock or swamp. Some believe that it has the capability of becoming invisible. People with a scientific bent are more likely to believe the theory which proclaims that the Bigfoot is a prehistoric animal that did not die and it is in a primary stage of human evolution.

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