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Why do people believe in the Illuminati

Why do people believe in the Illuminati

Illuminati is a historical truth but in today’s world some people have turned it into an organization that executes evil plans regarding manipulating and controlling the world. A bunch of people, who were learned and enlightened, established the Illuminati in the year 1776 at Bavaria. It closed down in 1789 yet there is a rumor and mass paranoia regarding the existence of the Illuminati. They are believed to be a very strong, international organization that monitors the major happenings around the world and controls them. There is another very popular story regarding the Illuminati that there are not one but many secret societies.

The contradiction in evidence, in favor of the existence of the Illuminati, is over-ruled by theories that leave space for doubts. In 1798 a book named ‘Proofs of Conspiracy’ was written by John Robinson. He claimed is book to be anti-masonry. There are hundreds and thousands of people who believe in conspiracy theories and do their best to spread baseless gossip. For the people who spread conspiracy theories, the book or Robinson became a source of encouragement. The New World Order and Illuminati have often been linked and they are thought to be the controlling power behind world politics.

The sudden abolition of the Illuminati in the year 1789 also gives raise to the doubts of conspiracy. Some of the believers think that Illuminati is responsible for the French Revolution. Historical facts got distorted and blown out of proportion. People like to hold an organization responsible for all the things that are going wrong because this way they can easily explain the political and economical anomalies. An organization like Illuminati is easy to relate to rather than hundreds of different reasons responsible for turmoil and terrorism. Such stories and half truths get spread faster than fire and that’s the reason why people believe in Illuminati.



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