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Why do people believe in evolution

Why do people believe in evolution

A lot of people believe in the theory of evolution. There is a lot of speculation going on regarding the theory of evolution that Charles Darwin talked about first. There is evidence that establishes that the theory of evolution is not baseless. According to Charles Darwin a being or organism transforms into another organism due to mutation of genes. This is a slow process that occurs over centuries. The human genes are a lot similar to the DNA of the chimpanzees. This shows that both chimpanzees and humans have originated from a common ancestor. All the Darwinian theories regarding evolution may not be accurate but scientific evidence of fossils have led people to believe in evolution.

The fossils that have been found through scientific excavations show that there is a link between the dinosaurs and birds. Even if no fossils were found to demonstrate the link between different species we would not be able to ignore the genetic similarity that different species share. It is genetic similarity which has helped us classify flora and fauna into different groups and sections. Different birds and animals bear this similarity and it makes people believe in evolution. Darwin also told that a species will only survive if it can accustom and adapt itself with the surrounding environment. The survival of the fittest is a norm of nature through which the part of a species that learns to adjust with nature evolves into an improved species and the previous species gets demolished most of the times.

Evolution does not describe how life originated but it tells about the relation between different living organisms. It helps people relate to nature and understand the rules of survival. Evolution answers many of the questions that we have in mind regarding life and that is the reason why it has been received so well by people.

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