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Why do gay people get AIDS

Why do gay people get AIDS

AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a sort of disease that attacks our system of immunity and weakens it from within. It takes away your capability of fighting other diseases, putting your body at the risk of getting damaged easily. This disease became apparent from the early 1980s and now it has taken the proportion of epidemic in many countries. Both heterosexual and homosexual people get affected by this disease through sexual intercourse and blood transfusion. There is a misconception that only the gay people get inflicted by this disease but this notion is baseless.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the reason behind AIDS. As this disease is dangerous and spreads through physical intimacy, there are many myths regarding it. Homosexual people practice anal sex for gratification and it is through anal and oral sexual intercourse that they get infected by the HIV. In a homosexual relationship one partner is active and the other is passive. During the anal intercourse the passive partner is the recipient and the active partner penetrates the anal passage. Among the gay people the recipient of anal intercourse or the passive partner is more at risk of getting AIDS. The active partners transmit the virus during ejaculation.

The gay people are victims of social discrimination in many countries. Many have to hide their sexual inclination and they do not get access to health care amenities for preventing the disease from spreading. Condoms are the very basic tool which gay partners can use for preventing AIDS from spreading. Not only sexual intercourse, there are other ways through which a gay person may have got AIDS. Non-sterilized and used needles can easily transmit this disease from one person from another. People who take drugs often get AIDS by using the same needle. Lack of awareness is also a reason why gay people get AIDS.

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