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Why do people blush

Why do people blush

Blushing adds to the feminine charm and often it exposes your inner feelings unexpectedly. You may blush because you are embarrassed or because you have caught the guy you are crushing on staring at you from across the hall. We blush due to many different reasons. Some women and men have the tendency of blushing often and some blush seldom but most of us have felt the increasing heart rates and the flush of warmth spreading across our cheeks. Blushing reveals your feelings and you lose the benefit of doubt and the shroud of mystery that women enjoy.

Whenever we are faced with a difficult situation, however mild it is, our body releases the adrenaline hormone. This hormone triggers a set of chain reaction. We take decision at the par of the moment if we want to face the situation or turn our backs and run. It is at this point of time when we flush. Flushing is an involuntary reaction and we cannot control it. The sympathetic nervous system is held responsible for this involuntary reaction. Some people believe that a lady who can’t blush is not a lady at all.

The facial veins get a notification from adenylyl cyclase that the adrenaline needs more space to flow through them. The veins dilute on receiving this message. More blood flows through our veins and our face becomes scarlet.  This happens when we are feeling shy or embarrassed by our feelings or the situation. Sexual arousal also make us blush but it does not happen due to adrenaline rush. People who are empathetic and sensitive blush more. Alcohol also makes our face flushed but that cannot be called blushing. Blushing has been associated with a feeling that stems from shyness and attention. Blushing is a phenomenon that is still being discussed by scientists.

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