Why do men wear thongs


Experimenting with undergarments is definitely in fashion and men should not stay behind. Thongs on strongly built men look incredibly sexy and attractive. Isn’t that reason enough why men are opting for thongs? Women are often asked to bring variety in the bedroom by changing the type of undergarments they wear. Thongs are seductive and bring the element of mystery alive when men wear it. Choosing the underwear that helps you keep fit is very important for both men and women. The modern man is opting for thongs because they are high on both style and comfort.

Depending on the way a man dresses it is necessary that they choose the appropriate underwear. Thongs are a great choice for very tight fitting clothes as they are seamless and do not look tacky underneath your clothes. Male strippers and gay people love thongs because it makes them look more attractive and appealing. Even in daily life men are choosing thongs because they provide good support to the male reproductive organ. They let air pass through easily and men do not feel heat of outer environment. It is also good for keeping the skin dry and doesn’t let infection inhabit your private parts.

Guys wear thongs when they take their picture for modeling or other purposes. Even in very warm weather, the thong keeps you comfortable from within and you do not feel irritation in your private parts. During rowing boats, men choose thongs because they are comfy and provide great support. All men cannot wear thongs and look good. Men are becoming more physique conscious and they hit the gym too often. To wear thongs, a guy must look fit. The modern metro-sexual man loves to experiment with clothing and undergarments and that is the reason behind thongs being so popular.