Why do people buy backlinks


If you Google the term “SEO”, you are bound to get bombarded with results leading you to websites that tell you how to ensure that your website gets as many hits as it possibly can. While there are plenty of these advice columns that tell you how you can optimize content without resorting o cheats, there are unfortunately still plenty of them that advise readers to be a little underhanded and buy backlinks to get ahead in the SEO race. We examine why people indulge in such practices even though they clearly know that these are frowned upon.

It helps search engines determine how often your site was referenced

Even though Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have made it harder for websites to fake their popularity with readers, there are many website owners that still believe that buying back links will help them artificially boost the traffic that search engines believe their website gets. Since more traffic means that Google places your website higher in search results. And being higher in search results gets you more traffic which is always better for business too.

 It’s an SEO cheat

Essentially, the practice of buying back links is an SEO cheat. What it does is that it liberates a website owner from the time consuming and painstaking process of actually getting legitimate back links for your website. Thus, by simply buying back links, you can make a website that was launched a few months ago appear very popular with readers and other websites even though it really isn’t.

It helps your website’s Google PageRank

PageRank is a determining factor that gauges how high your website should be placed in search results. Since the legitimate way to of getting back links requires a lot of time, patience and hard work, a of of website owners who only have money on their minds choose to simply buy back links instead of working harder to get them legitimately.