Why do people get dragon tattoo


Dragons have been a consistent part of most ancient cultures in some form or the other. Some cultures even revered dragons and thought that these mythical beings boasted of great wisdom as well. And that is what drives people to get dragon tattoos in a nutshell. However, there is more to the allure of the dragon than meets the eye. Here are some key reasons that tempt people to get dragon tattoos.

1. It flatters any part of the body

The fluidity of the typical image of a dragon means that it can be inked on any part of the body and look very flattering. One can get a small dragon tattoo or a large one, one with a lot of details or a very basic one or even one with a lot of colors and their dragon tattoo would still look stunning unless the tattoo artist really did a very bad job of it.

 2. It is an instantly recognizable symbol

Dragon is a symbol that is recognized the world over and it is mostly associated with positive qualities in global cultures. This makes a tattoo meaningful to anyone anywhere in the world which helps start conversations for travelers.

3. Dragons symbolize a plethora of things

Dragons have always been a symbol of fierce rage, miserliness, and jealousy though they have also been known as a symbol of hope and purity as well as a source of wonder, fascination and mystery. Other symbols or charterers assigned to dragons include hoarders or protectors of treasures, sentinels of sacred shrines, being riddle-masters and sage advisers with keen sight and cunning. Some cultures even portray dragons and gods though most people that get dragon tattoos usually associate their own inks with a particular lore they know of.