Why Do People Collect Shark Teeth

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Did you know that shark teeth are quite valuable for those who collect them? Do you want to know how and why it is so? To understand this, you first need to know an interesting fact about sharks. Shark fish have been surviving for millions of years, and when they die, sand sediment provides them a covering. A shark’s teeth fall off when it dies, because its body only has cartilage that dissolves on its death. Thus, its teeth go down to the bottom of an ocean where they are fossilized over thousands of years due to possessing a cover of sand sediment.

You may actually say that a shark’s teeth turn into fossils that are valuable for people collecting them. Shark teeth collectors know the monetary value of these teeth. That is why they keep looking for shark teeth that are larger in size. For example, a megalodon shark has teeth with the highest market value. The length of a tooth of this shark can range between 3.5 and 7 inches. This tooth can weigh around 0.4 kilograms. Thus, you may judge the reason behind this rare tooth being the costliest.

Depending on their size and unearthing location, some shark teeth are also sold for thousands of dollars. If these teeth are in good shape, buyers can also grab these by paying a better amount. Therefore, the monetary value of shark teeth forces some people to find them from hard locations and to create a collection of them. If one catches hold of a tooth that belongs to a very old predator, then it can be a jackpot. Now, there are several websites that support the sales of these shark teeth. People who collect shark teeth can make use of these websites to auction their collections.