Why Do People Share Content?


The world of Internet has opened up several possibilities for people to share content with each other. Whether for a contributory or a selfish reason, it is true that people like to share interesting stuff with their friends and relatives on different platforms. Let us review some of the major motivational factors behind people sharing content.

To Build Relationships

People share relevant and valuable content with others, as they want to build up and strengthen their relationships with them. They connect well with others through this bond of content. Thus, their relations are nourished when they connect more with known people.

To Bring Interesting and Valuable Content to Others

Studies show that more than 90 percent of people consider the importance and value of the shared stuff so they only share useful and relevant information with others. This mostly happens due to their feeling of representing a particular piece of shared content.

To Maintain Relationships with Distant Friends

Some people feel that their shared content is an excellent way to remain in contact with those people who otherwise remain out of touch. There is at least an exchange of information about each other.

To Support Issues of Interest

If someone wants to support a social cause or an issue of interest, sharing content on that issue is one of the best ways to do that. This helps one to know about others’ opinions on it. Sharing content also helps when a message has to be spread among the masses.

To Gain Self-Fulfillment

Everybody wants to belong to the society that surrounds him or her. People want to remain involved with others. This offers a sense of contentment and fulfillment to their self. Thus, they share content to satisfy their needs of belongingness and social involvement. Basically, people like it to be liked and interesting content helps them in being liked.