Why Do People Develop Roof Gardens

Why Do People Develop Roof Gardens

When we talk of gardening, not everybody has the right space to create a nice garden with wonderful plants and bushes. Thus, many people opt for developing roof gardens in their homes. While not owning proper space is one reason they go for such roof gardens, there are many other factors that drive them to this gardening option.

Not all the people live in open cities where the population is low and one can get big homes with large garden areas. In most urban areas, people have to confine to small homes where they live in nuclear families. If they do not own the ground floor, then it becomes difficult to garden. In such a case, they may just go for a small roof garden. Still, it is a healthy choice to have it.

A nicely maintained roof garden is a place of respite from the noisy and polluted city life. People can simply sit in their roof garden and relax for some time. One does not need to fence it like an open garden on the ground. Sometimes, people deliberately make a choice of having a roof garden, as it is more cost-effective as compared to a backyard garden.

Individuals staying in small homes also do not get to see much of greenery around them. Thus, they either decorate their balconies with potted plants or start building their own roof gardens in order to keep their immediate environment greener and cleaner. Many people are actively involved in nature conservation drives and like to develop projects similar to roof gardens.

Since roof gardens provide insulation to the house and reduce energy bills, some folks adopt the practice to help themselves. While their roofs remain protected from UV rays, roof gardens also decrease fire risks. Thus, they gain several benefits in one shot by developing beautiful roof gardens that others may also appreciate.