Why Do People Use Scents and Perfumes

Why Do People Use Scents and Perfumes

All of us use perfumes and scents of varied kinds and brands. However, have you ever wondered about the reasons behind our practice of wearing fragrances of different types? If it seems intriguing to you, then read on to douse the fire of your curiosity.

Perfumes as embellishment

Similar to various other embellishments that people have been using across civilizations, they have also been using scents and other fragrances. However, brands have now turned these perfumes into such essentials that can also be used on specific occasions and in varied forms. For instance, there are scented candles, oils or toiletries. These perfumed objects can be used according to separate needs.

To feel happier

While you may not have noticed a change in your mood after wearing a perfume, it actually has the power to make you happier. Specific types of scents and smells can change your moods and invoke certain reactions.

To arouse emotions and memories

This is a reason that many of you may already know about. Perfumes and fragrances are strong at arousing sexual and other deep desires in people. Since certain smells are linked to your memories or past events, using the same scents can also make you recall those memories or events. For example, you may be using a vanilla scent just because it reminds you of your childhood memory of eating vanilla ice cream with your family.

To feel at ease

Sometimes, people wear fragrances to make them feel comfortable. A specific type of good smell can help them relax. In fact, a scent can also be a medium for a few people to escape their stressful surroundings or situations.

To display class or individuality

There are many people who believe that their high class can be reflected if they start wearing expensive perfumes. Thus, they go on buying such perfumes that others cannot afford and show their class through these. A few others also think that specific perfumes can help them display their individuality.