Why do people die

human skeleton

They say, everything ends on a day and we humans are no exceptions, no one, indeed, is. We are the mortal ones, so we die once we complete our life cycle. It begins with our birth and ends up with death. There is a starting point and there is always and an end point. We all die, mostly, due to old age, though some people also die young. This happens once our bodies become physically incapable to work at a certain point of time. Meaning, the cut-off from life or to cease from living is what you call as death.

Most of the people have natural death, though in certain cases like illness, accidents, natural calamities, murder, smoking and drinking or sometimes even suicides leads to death of a person. However, this isn’t the case with humans alone, the same happens to animals and all living beings. It’s just a matter of time, some die early and some late, depending on the life cycle of each living being. Even lifeless things decay and rot once their use is over.

There are even the religious views concerning death. Some people also believe that we die only because God want us to, even if it’s unexpected or untimely. Depending on the basis of time God has graced us to spend on the earth, we live and die subsequently. So, no death is without a purpose and this is a condition wherein our body, brain, soul and spirit cease to function and this is simply inevitable to any one of us.