Why do women wear high heels

High heels

Many women keep complaining about how their feet being hurt after wearing high heels, but they still wear them. The most common answer to this question is that women wear them to look sexier and taller. While not all women go for high heels, there are many who endure the uneasiness of high heels. Different people have a different take on this question. Here are some of the reasons why women love wearing high heels.

1. Women wear high heels to look better, leggier and taller. The studies state that it boosts up their confidence and gives them a feeling of being sexier. They also feel that it enhances their attractiveness to the opposite sex. Women wear high heels to look more confident, gain men’s attention, and have well-muscled legs, tight calf muscles and swaying hips.

2. A recent study by a team of scientists at The University of Portsmouth concludes that wearing high heels change the movement of the entire body, including the pelvis, hips, legs, knees, feet and shoulders to put emphasis on femininity. High heels make women appear more feminine to the opposite sex. Wearing high heels push the bosom out and the buttocks back to create a more beautiful, hyper feminine form

3. Many women these days go for high heels to make a fashion statement. The shelves are filled with designer high heels that not only look beautiful, but also speak of your status. Studies say that the women feel more glamorous after wearing high heels.