Why do people drink alcohol


No matter where you go, you will find people drinking alcohol. People drink for many reasons – sometimes too excessively even when knowing it is bad for health. Now the question arises why they do it at all. There are too many studies and researches available on this topic clearly underlining the short term and long term harmful effects. There are a number of answers to this question. If you are interested to know why people drink, read the following lines.

While some people drink for socialization as it helps them fit well with others on a social setting, others drink only because they love the taste. In another case, some people just drink out of curiosity. Such people drink to experiment with liquor to know if it suits them or not.

Some people drink just to relax or to feel at ease. Such people have a tendency to feel relaxed by having alcohol every day. This thing, though, gradually turns into an addiction, thereby leading to destructive behaviors or health problems. Some people also drink for the effect liquor has on the central nervous system. Alcohol works as both – a depressant and a stimulant to originate the feelings of euphoria, pleasurable release of tension or disorientation and these make people feel at east at times.

Some people drink to cope up with the problems. However, they forget that it is not a remedy for stress as it only shifts the focus elsewhere and the problems remains as such once you stop drinking. Social environment of a person can also take him/her into drinking. In this case, the influence of parents, older people and friend circle that drink excessively and see it favorable might instigate grownups to do the same.

Another potential reason for people to drink more and more and a huge number of people joining everyday is the fact that it is culturally normalized. Some people drink to have a good, pleasurable experience and above all, it is easily accessible. People might also drink for mood regulation, to lose inhibitions and under peer pressure at times. There might be other reasons too, but drinking is not bad always. Used in limited quantity, it might be good for your heart in some conditions.