Why do people get crazy tattoos

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The motivations behind why people get a tattoo can inspire many a book but for the average tattoo getter, the reasons behind getting a tattoo are often emotional ones. Even though most tattoo artists agree that younger tattoo getters often get inked for nothing more than vanity, they still concede that they still get plenty of requests for tattoos that are unique in meaning and have a very deep, personal meaning behind them. Here are some of the key reasons for getting a tattoo.

1. To honor a lost loved one

Getting a tattoo in memory of a loved one who has passed away has become a very acceptable and common form of honoring memories. A tribute tattoo design can also be shared by close friends and family of the departed.

2. To represent a life altering event

Some people get tattoos when they are getting married, when they have had their kids or even when they have been through a life changing event like witnessing a major catastrophe, having a near death experience, successfully getting through rehab or conquering a major illness etc., they like to commemorate it with a tattoo.

3. To honor their love of art

“The Background” by H.H. Munro aka Saki, is a short story that tells a humorous but moving tale of how a large tattoo too can be dubbed a masterpiece and how one man’s love of body art got him into a lot of trouble later on in life. For many people, an artsy tattoo has no more meaning than being just that, a piece of art.

4. Religion and cultural reasons

People belonging to a tribe or a particular sect are often asked to get tattoos to show their faith. Just like Christians wear a cross around their necks, cultural or religious tattoos too are a representation of one’s faith.