Why do people get owl tattoos

owl tattoos

It’s not every day that you see someone parading around with an owl tattooed on their being. But you have to admit that when you do see someone with an owl tattoo, you can’t help but be impressed. Even though owls aren’t as common tattoo images, they are fast gaining popularity. We explore what makes these predators so highly in demand as tattoos.

The symbol is surrounded in mystery

Owls are nocturnal beings though they can still be spotted at dusk time perching on trees. The call of the owl is also very distinct and in some cultures, hearing their call is considered auspicious while others consider hearing the call of the owl a certain sign of approaching death. Thanks to this ambivalence in terms of symbolism, owls have become a powerful image for tattoos.

Owls are considered to be highly intelligent beings

Being birds of prey that don’t live in flocks, owls are revered and feared. They are also considered highly intelligent beings and folklore and fables are replete with stories of intelligent owls that impart words of wisdom. This aspect of lore surrounding owls too makes them a great subject for tattoos. The image of an owl perched up somewhere staring at the beholder with its head turned to the side and with an intense gaze also looks very intimidating in a tattoo.

It’s an unusual symbol for tattoos

Owls aren’t as popular in tattoos as mermaids, hearts, butterflies and dragon images are. But that is precisely what makes them such a great subject for a new tattoo. When you get an owl tattoo, you can rest assured that the chances of anyone else around you having an owl tattoo would be very slim. This automatically ups the value of your tattoo and by association, of yourself too!