Why do people get flag tattoo


Flag tattoos aren’t all that common. But that doesn’t mean that tattoo artists don’t get demands to make them. That being said, a flag tattoo is still very unusual as most people don’t see beyond the most obvious meaning. But there is more to flag tattoos than meets the eye. We find out what motivates people to get flag tattoos on their person.

It’s patriotic

Even though tattoos originally gained popularity with people who wanted to show how tough and badass they were and how they lived on the sidelines on society for the very same reasons. This also means that for them, showing support for mainstream society wasn’t a top priority and thus flags weren’t as popular as meaner ones with more risqué subjects like daggers and skulls. However, thanks to all the wars that have plagued countries around the world throughout the 20th century, people want to display their affinity and loyalty to their countries and thus flag tattoos become more commonplace.

It’s concise

When you want the world to know you love your country, nothing would say it as accurately or as concisely as having an image of your country’s flag permanently inked on your person. Its way more powerful and accurate than any other bit of lettering could possibly be.

It’s easy to make

While more elaborate tattoos are undoubtedly a proud display of the grueling sessions that one needed to undergo and endure to get them, an easy to make tattoo like one with flags has its own merits too. For example, it conveys to the beholder that its owner knows exactly what sentiments they want to portray through a tattoo. Plus, it is easy for the tattoo artist to make which makes it much cheaper and less painful to get than others too.