Why do people get flower tattoo


Tattoos traditionally have been a symbol of machismo and have relied rather heavily on masculine symbols for a very long time. However, of late it has become a lot more common for women to get tattoos too which has led to the introduction of flowers in the tattoo world too. Apart from being a favorite with the ladies, there are a lot of other reasons that make flower tattoos so popular with people.

The language of flowers

Flowers have been associated with certain symbols throughout history though during the Victorian times, the language of flowers gave each flower a special meaning. Even though the language and symbolism of flowers vary from culture to culture, the fact that each flower stand for a particular emotional state gives them a deep and significant meaning. This makes them excellent and rather meaningful subjects for tattoos.

Emotional association

Every person has a special emotional association with a specific flower and everyone has a flower that they like better than all the others. This makes each flower tattoo highly personal. Even if one doesn’t have a deep association with a particular flower, they can always pick a flower that has a specific meaning to make the symbol behind their tattoo more obvious and apparent to the beholder without one having to explain it to them.

Bright colors

The single biggest reason that makes flower tattoos very popular is the fact that they come in very bright colors. Unlike regular monochrome tattoos, these are a lot more attractive and colorful and even uplifting to look at.

Easy to make

With a flower tattoo, you only need to get the shape and color right. A flower doesn’t emote and it doesn’t move (like animals or mythical beings) which means that making a flower tattoo is also very easy.