Why do people get married

Why do people get married

Maybe, owing to one’s bad experience, avoidance of commitment, fear of making a wrong decision, desire for being single, fear of divorce and its aftermaths, a sense of inviting interference to work and career or the desire for multiple relationships, people avoid tying that nuptial knot so that they may follow their mind in everything they like.

For those married, marriage is a social union or a legal contract between spouses that makes them answerable, responsible and equitable toward their spouse, children and their in-laws. However, in recent times, people have started to question the very basic notions that lead to a marriage like love, companionship, long-life commitment, kids’ security, public commitment, legal status, financial security, religious beliefs, family pressure or just a plain need for celebrating a special occasion. Let’s try to dig deeper and find out what exactly inspires people to get married:

Making it official

For making a relationship more meaningful, it is always better to declare it in front of your family or friends, or simply marry the one you love. Commitment – be it a long-standing or a quick fix – makes spouses feel more meaningful than they actually are.

Protection, security

When it gets rough and the time is tough, having an aide helps you tackle it with confidence. Marriage is like a protective shell that imparts a sense of security to both partners when they need it most.

Moreover, you can always rely on her/him for providing you emotional security. Be it healthcare, social, economic, children or psychological, you feel more secure than otherwise when you are married.

Family, love, responsibility

Once you are married, you become more responsible toward your spouse and your family. A sort of transformation of motivation guides married couples to re-establish their goals, efforts and inspirations to achieve mutual outcomes out of your endeavors. You live your life partner’s dreams and accordingly, improve as a person.

Psychological relaxation

While unmarried folks don’t have any defined goals for their lives and future course of action, married couples are more sure about how they’d be leading their lives. You feel relaxed about the fact that you’re headed toward a loving, lifelong, satisfying relationship.


Most people do it to support their religious beliefs. Marrying the one you love or your parents have arranged for you is acknowledged in every religion. Religiously speaking, marriage before God helps you sanctify your commitment.


Finally yet importantly, whether you want kids or not, marriage authorizes you to be in a legally sex relation.