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Why do people use Facebook

Why do people use Facebook

A recent study conducted by Ashwini Nadkarni and Stefan G. Hoffman from Boston University reveals that people use Facebook primarily to satiate their desire to belong and the need for self-representation. For a layman who uses Facebook for the first time accidentally and finds it difficult to move beyond its addictive effect, the prime reason for doing so is the scope to widen his/her social presence. While most users use Facebook to create a public or semi-private online profile, others use it to find likeminded folks and track their activities anytime, anywhere.

Millions of users have helped Facebook reach its current popularity. People, whom you can categorize as extrovert, are likely to be more active on Facebook than those conscientious types. Extroverts have the most friends while the organized and disciplined folks use Facebook when it’s imperative to do so. Those who rank high on neuroticism find solace in posting their lives on FB profile wall. On the other hand, people who are low on neuroticism stay contended with sharing and viewing photos.

Moreover, nonshy people are supposed to have more friends on Facebook when compared with shy users. Why people use Facebook also depends on sociodemographic and cultural factors. Females and ethnic minorities are more active on Facebook than males and Caucasians.

Finally yet importantly, Facebook serves as your online photo album which can be accessed by you or anyone, anytime and anywhere. People also use Facebook for recreational purposes like fun, online games and chat. Next, it helps you connect with your co-workers or ex-co-workers, and maintain and expand your business contacts. People also use Facebook for finding old friends.

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