Why do people go to Bangkok

Why do people go to Bangkok

Bangkok is quickly emerging as one of the best known travel destinations around the world. Even though it is as crowded and as unregulated as any other Asia metropolis, it pulls millions of visitors each year. We look at some of the reasons behind the pull that Bangkok has over international travelers.

It is the Amsterdam of the east

Thailand may be a premium tourism destination for revelers from around the world, but the government of the country hasn’t done enough to keep drug peddling and prostituting under control. Since not everyone can afford to travel to Amsterdam to experience drugs and paid-for sex legally, they travel to Bangkok to indulge in them on the down low.

It is a premium shopping destination

While Bangkok does not boast of the same kind of prestigious shopping centers that Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai have, the city is well known for being a great shopping destination for travelers that know what they are looking for.

For sex tourism

Thailand is notorious for being a premium sex tourism destination in the region even though prostitution is illegal in the country. This means that sex workers in the country need to offer their services for the price that their coordinators fix with clients. For most travelers, there is a sex shop in Bangkok that caters to their precise, er, needs and tastes and hiring a sex worker usually doesn’t cost too much for low to mid end travelers.

It offers a microcosm of the larger Asian culture

Bangkok is a thriving regional center. It features businesses owned by all Asian ethnicities which give the city a great Asian flavor for sure. There are pockets within the city that are hubs for certain Asian ethnicities which makes a trip to Bangkok the equivalent of jet-setting through multiple Asian countries.