Why do people go to church on Sunday


In the Christian world and the cultures that have come to follow the Christian calendar, Sunday is the first day of the week. It is the day when Christians go to church and it also established as a day of rest. While it isn’t always clear to members of the general public why Sunday has been marked as the day when they need to go to church. Let’s find out the reasons behind the phenomenon.

Sunday was the day when Jesus was resurrected

Christ’s resurrection is given great importance in Christianity and forms the basis of the faith itself. For all believers, Christ’s death was caused because of the transgressions made by man and he was resurrected because of those that had been righteous and believed in him. The resurrection of Christ thus represents the fact that God confirmed the faith of Christians and thus Sunday prayers have been given incredible importance in the religion.

Sunday rest was given to make people more spiritual

Having a weekly day of rest or Sabbath has existed in most religions and faith that rose contemporarily to Christianity. However, it is believed that Sunday was established as the rest day for Christians to distinguish it from the Jewish Sabbath that was observed on the last day of the week (Sunday was the first). The Sunday rest was also upheld to allow hard working people to sway their minds away from work and ponder over spiritual concerns and have the time to go to church and to pray.

Commencement of a new world

Since Christ was resurrected on a Sunday, Christians believe that the day marks the commencement of a new world. Thus Sunday is considered the first day of the week and it is believed that those who attended worship on the first day are accepted into god’s grace.