Why do people go to Egypt


In the world of tourism, Egypt has been a fascinating fixture for the last 200 years. It was considered the epitome of cultural and exploratory travel in the past and most people wanted to go see the various wonders that archeologists and Egyptologists discovered about the country’s ancient cultures. While the enthusiasm about pyramids has dimmed somewhat of late, the country still draws tourists by the hundreds of thousands each year. Here are a few prominent reasons why people visit Egypt

To visit the pyramids

The pyramids have been a source of wonderment to the people of the world, historians, scientists and archeologists of the world for quite some time now. However, no matter how much one reads about them, nothing compares to the experience of visiting these ancient wonders in person.

To experience remnants of an ancient culture

Ancient Egypt remains shrouded in mystery and even the best experts claim that whatever they know about the culture is nothing more than educated guess. This keeps the culture of ancient Egypt intriguing and people flock to the country to experience the remnants of the ancient culture themselves. Egypt has done well to preserve its historic ancient monuments as they had been for thousands of years which impart of sense of timelessness to the visitor as well and helped them immerse themselves in the experience more wholly.

To shop

Egypt remains one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. This means that the country’s tourism sector has developed exponentially which has helped the country develop a massive souvenir segment as well. This makes the country a premier shopping destination in the country as well. from traditional textiles to souvenirs to books and even exotic tableware, Egypt’s shopping district are known for being havens for antique hunters, collectors and even avid shoppers.